Monday, February 13, 2017

I Am For:

I am for:

Clean air and clean water; therefore, I am for dispensing with outdated, environmentally hazardous materials, fuels, processes; WHATEVER THE COST.

After all, we need to breath before we can do anything else.  We need clean water to drink before we need food to eat and we need clean water to grow healthy food.

So, I am for dispensing with coal, oil and gas as our primary fuels.  We now have the means, through solar and wind energy, to power the country.  Investing in those infrastructures is smarter than continuing to support the former.  Nuclear fusion is still a hope in the back of my mind.

Yes, jobs in outdated industries will be lost but programs have been in place and funded for job training and other support during this transition, created by people who actually knew something.

The current administration who is both painfully ignorant and pathologically paranoid about what has already been done and is in the process of dismantling all the work that more intelligent, more informed and saner people have done.

Those who cannot see past their own noses, whose egocentric, selfish interests don't go far from their own tiny lives will forever be the road blocks to progress and far-reaching efforts for the greater good.  That includes those in the new administration and those ignoramuses who have supported them.

Our planet cannot afford the stupidity of the current administration.

I have no answers for how to resist this stupidity.  We may have to weather the storm and be prepared to take back what's needed to move ahead.

There are days when I worry about how far this wreckless idiocy will go and the resistance in response.

Those who refuse to understand what's at stake, those who refuse to sacrifice their tiny pleasures for the health of the place where they live are not worth thinking about.  Those of us who do see the issues and the solutions must keep working toward a saner, healthier future which will be of benefit to them regardless if they figure it out or not.

I often feel impotent lately.  I'm just an ordinary, little person.  But, I will do everything I can to refuse to participate in or support what is clearly against the environment and my best future.  I will continue to communicate with anyone and everyone who I think can make a difference.  I will continue to make decisions with the future in mind.  I will do what I can to spend my money wisely in this regard.

We are living in dark and troubling times.  Stupidity and ignorance must not prevail.  


Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The gender bathroom thing


This is my understanding and it's definitely flawed but not as flawed as the thinking of some of the unbelievably dense and ignorant people out there.

First, definitions are clearly necessary so here are mine:

Gay - people attracted to the same sex romantically and sexually.

Transvestite - someone who dresses up and makes up like the opposite sex.

Transexual or transgender - someone who feels they were born in a body with the wrong gender and feel that they are the opposite gender and often have had gender reassignment surgery which means they are ACTUALLY FUNCTIONING AS THE GENDER THEY FEEL THEY SHOULD HAVE BEEN BORN AS.


Gay men - not interested in women or little girls.

Transvestites - may be interested in women or little girls.

Transgender/transexual women (formerly men) - not interested in women or little girls.

It seems to be a lot of women who are objecting to trans women using their bathrooms, excusing their discomfort by claiming fear for their daughters.  TRANS WOMEN AREN'T INTERESTED IN YOU OR YOUR DAUGHTERS.

Trans women can't use men's bathrooms.  They mostly don't look like men anymore, often aren't physically equipped like men.  And, most importantly, are in more likely and more seriously in danger from using men's bathrooms, from men, than any danger you imagine they present to you women.  THINK ABOUT IT!!!

I understand there are conflicting definitions.  These are mine which influence my view of this issue.

I haven't figured out the transvestite situation because it's my understanding that there are hetero men who are transvestites.  So, I think the first problem is clarifying the definitions for everybody, legally, so there's no confusion about what laws apply to whom.

At any rate, I have personally known just about every configuration of race, religion, nationality and gender and everybody needs to take a breath and stop looking for demons around every corner.  There are dangers out there but stop exaggerating; most of them are from heterosexual people.

And, people who have had gender reassignment surgery should be given a second birth certificate immediately after surgery which should be legally binding (but please keep the first as well for us genealogists).

Please - transgender people, chime in and correct me where I'm mistaken.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Ugly Americans

We Americans are so ridiculous at times that we are disgusting.

We complain about taxes forgetting that paved roads cost money, sidewalks cost money, crossing guards and buses for our kids cost money.  

Somebody has to come and put out our fires.  

Somebody has to be paid to fill in potholes.  

We have indoor plumbing and sanitized water that comes to our house in pipes that have to be laid and, sometimes, repaired and replaced.  

We have schools to send our children where there are teachers who do many things for our children on their own time, at their own expense, who have to keep up with the latest information on their subjects and who expect to be paid.  
We're afraid of anything and anyone with which we're not familiar so we want an Army, Navy, Air Force, National Guard and Marines to protect us.  We also want street lights so we can see people coming at night.  

Some of us think it's both necessary and appropriate to raise hell, from time to time, drink too much, get into drunken fights, cause property damage, steal from our neighbors, etc. so we have to have police and they expect to be paid  

Some of us like to read and to learn new things so we want libraries.  Some of us can't afford to keep up with technology with the latest gizmos so we want libraries to have some available for us to share there.

Many of us can't be trusted to drive in a reasonable, safe manner, keeping the safety and comfort of other around us in mind so we have to have signs and traffic signals to control our movements and to tell us what's ahead.  

Streets, sidewalks, schools, school buses, teachers, librarians, library books, magazines, DVDs, music CDs, public computers at the library, street lights, sewers, public water, gas lines, crossing guards, musical instruments at schools for kids to practice on, school books, school nurses, firehouses, fire equipment, public works employees, parks, road signs, traffic signals, sewage treatment plants, water treatment plants, sand and salt for winter roads, power plants, Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, National Guard, policemen, judges, bridges, reservoirs, all kinds of supplies, buildings, equipment, vehicles and employees to make all these things available.  These are just a few of the things our taxes pay for.

In the meantime, most of us have never been to a town council meeting, don't know who our local officials are and don't care, never communicate with our state or federal representatives because we want to believe they don't pay any attention (that's called self-fulfilling prophecy).  [They actually log each call, piece of mail, email by subject and stance - not quite personal, individual response but they are paying attention].  How do I know that?  Ask me.

But, we all have lots of opinions about how things should be done, what's wrong and who's to blame.

Just remember that when our Constitution was put into force (1789), the population of the United States was roughly 3.5 plus million; it's now almost 323 million.  You might consider the possibility that providing all those things listed above and more for all those people is extremely difficult and expensive.

I'm not saying there aren't inefficiencies and waste.  I'm not saying there isn't corruption. I'm not saying that we should overlook the distance that's grown between our representatives and us (whose fault is that?).

I am saying that constant bitching about "the government", as if it's some foreign entity instead of a bunch of institutions and people that we have some responsibility for having allowed or ignored in its growth and evolution.  And, looking at one (the president) or a few (our representatives) as the source of our problems is stupid and ignorant.  Bitching is not taking an active role in our government.  Voting isn't enough.  Thinking and worrying about what's wrong are wastes of time.

We need to educate ourselves about how our government works - no, not textbook stuff.  I'm not talking about how government works in general; I'm talking about how government works on a day by day basis; because that's where things happen.

How are decisions made in your town about where street lights are installed, where sidewalks are laid and what they're made of?  Why are there 6 people and 3 trucks at a road repair (just an example)?  Do you know why that pothole in front of you house hasn't been fixed in 2 months?

Who is your state representative?  How has he/she voted on the last 10 bills that were proposed?  What legislation is coming up?  Have you ever read your state constitution?

The same questions for the federal level? How often have you written to, called, or emailed your senator or congressman?  What's actually in the federal budget - do you know, have you ever seen a copy?  This is incomplete - the 2010 budget (the last I saw) was about 6 or 7 volumes: Budget Overview

Even our towns' management is a big, difficult enterprise.  If you don't understand and appreciate that fact, well, then, your opinions are based on absolutely nothing.

Of course, there's another much more fundamental problem and that's that some of us, when we think about these things, think about WE.  WE are a country.  WE share a Constitution that WE (sort of) agree is the basis our how our country is supposed to work.  But, some of us actually don't think in terms of WE or US; some of us only think about I and ME, or a much smaller WE that only includes people who think exactly like us.  Some of us aren't able to see the importance of looking out for the mass of the population out there with all it's diversity.  It's an US vs THEM way of seeing the world and it can only lead to conflict.

At any rate, almost all Americans live in a world where they have access to all these publicly funded things, in contrast to people living in little villages in say, Afghanistan, Africa, China, India, the rain forests where some people live in tiny structures, without running water, without sewage control, without garbage pickup, without sidewalks, paved roads, street lights, schools, etc.

So, complain away, just keep a little perspective.  And, educate yourself and be more active in your governance.  Did you know there are towns where you can actually fund a specific pothole?

You can mouth off here but I do monitor comments. 

Monday, January 18, 2016

Liberal vs Conservative

Let's take the politics out of the definitions:

From Merriam-Webster:


1. a. of, relating to, or based on the liberal arts <liberal education>.
   b. archaic :  of or befitting a man of free birth.

2. a. marked by generosity.
    b. given or provided in a generous and open-handed way.

3. obsolete :  lacking moral restraint .

4. not literal or strict .

5. broad-mindedespecially :  not bound by authoritarianism, orthodoxy, or traditional forms.

6. This is the political definition and I'm omitting it.


1.  preservative.

2.  This is the political definition and I'm omitting it.

3.  a. tending or disposed to maintain existing views, conditions, or institutions :  traditional.

     b. marked by moderation or caution.
    c. marked by or relating to traditional norms of taste, elegance, style, or manners.

Now -- read each definition, carefully. give some attention to your reactions to each definition.  give attention your the biases and prejudices behind your reactions. read each definition again.  

If you're honest with yourself, if you're open-minded, you'll find there's nothing wrong with any of these definitions.  I can analyze each of them for you but you should do that, and honestly, because I think you'll find your own biases and prejudices which are the more important things to give attention to than the actual definitions.  It's your biases and prejudices that create problems in the world; problems for yourself, problems for others.

I have no problem with any of these definitions except in the degree and intensity with which they are held - which, of course, makes me much more of a liberal than a conservative but I can actually claim each of these definitions to some degree, in myself.

Politically, I'm definitely liberal but I'm not a member of any political party which I would be happy to see abolished completely.

I believe that being either one or the other, to the exclusion of the opposite is to be quite insane.

I do take issue with one definition - definition 3 of Liberal - believe me, this is not confined to liberals, that's why it's obsolete.

What about you?  How do you really feel and think about things, and why?  If you never ask yourself....

[I cut and pasted the definitions, thus the font variations]